Steel Fabrication

Bamford Engineering and Consulting (Bamford) has a strategic partnership relationship with Best Tech & Engineering Ltd (BTE) who is a leading provider of steel fabrication services throughout the world. 

With over 3000 employees and over 250,000sqm of production area BTE currently stands as one of the largest providers of design, engineering and construction services in Thailand with particular expertise in the design and construction of modularised plant and infrastructure for the power generation, mining, oil and gas sectors. 

BTE also has specific expertise in the areas of steel fabrication, pressure vessels and piping systems.

The Bamford/BTE partnership is also able to offer clients a full in-house Engineering Design Service which includes;

  • Plant Detailing
  • 3-D Modelling
  • Detail Design
  • Materials Take-off
  • Welding/plant maps
  • As-Built details
  • A full range of fabrication services including pre-commissioning

The range and diversity of Bamford/BTE’s experience is a major competitive advantage as it provides it with significant practical design, construction and installation knowledge which is of benefit to clients particularly in the early stages of project planning and delivery.

Our partnership approach to the delivery of services allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market through;

  • A genuine commitment to work collaboratively with clients to assist them in meeting their project objectives. 
  • Open and transparent participation of all stakeholders in all aspects of fabrication/production.
  • The use of materials and techniques which provides a product which is fit for purpose and exceeds client requirements.
  • An absolute commitment to cost competitiveness whilst maintaining our commitment to quality.